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Why is Mentorship Important?

All youth deserve a clear path to healthy adulthood, as well as formal and natural supports to help them get through the obstacles and challenges faced as they follow this path! But on the road to healthy adulthood,  youth in socially, economically and racially marginalized communities are subjected to three major shortcomings in their development and socialization:

1. Socialization into Insignificance – ineffective training and preparation of our youth regarding the expected traits, attitudes and behaviors of positive adulthood relative to their cultural experiences and community needs.

2. Limited Connections, Access and Networks – inadequate access to sufficient adult male and female role models after whom to pattern behaviors, and to the social and opportunity networks that aid success.

3. Improper and Insufficient Tools, Skills and Abilities – ineffective skill development and educational preparation which limits their ability to deal with the particular societal and personal issues they face, and those faced by the communities in which they reside.

The good news is that Lockhart Cares Inc, is positioned to help our youth overcome many of the obstacles to educational, social and career success and willing to provide support. Through well developed and strategic interactions and engagements, Lockhart Cares Inc can:

    a. help our youth create and develop a healthy identity
    b. build up their belief in themselves and those around them to believe they can make it
    c. facilitate the skill development and social connections needed for them to make it
Statistics show, when young people are mentored effectively:
• 98% stay in school
• 98% do not become teen parents
• 85% don’t use drugs
• 98% avoid gang participation

National CARES Mentoring Movement

"EVERY Child is ONE Caring Adult Away from Being a Success Story"

Lockhart Cares Inc is always looking for community- based mentors who have been where many of our young people are now.
We encourage you to make a difference in a child's life and become a Lockhart Cares Mentor

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